Kama Vardi



Kama Vardi is a singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv. 


Vardi started her musical journey at 17. Together with her friends Ella Daniel (The Betty Bears) and Sasha Boyesen (Ruby Ruby Ruse), she traveled to the U.K and formed the street girl band “La La Cravat”; they played their way through england and France until finally settled back in Vardi’s hometown, Tel Aviv. 


At 21 Vardi released her debut solo album “ForgetMeNot” independently. 

Her second album “Satchel - Sof Ma’arav” a half Hebrew-half English double E.P, released in 2016, was fully crowdfunded, and was very warmly received by the Israeli critics and press. 


On February 2019 Vardi released “Whatever Will Be”, the first single of her third and upcoming album. The song got great reviews, got into some of Israel’s biggest radio station’s playlists (including glglz and 88fm) and was number 36 in shazam’s most searched for songs in israel.


“Her bitter-sweetness gets me every time, Kama Vardi, so beautiful, magical!” Yoav Kutner & Orly Yaniv, Glglz (Israel)


“The craziness, the passion - formed in this gentle, magical melody; in timeless harmony and production. This music is crossing decades, towards eternal life.” Yossi Harsonsky (Israel)


“I think I’m in love.” Dudi Patimer, Ma’ariv.


“In Kama Vardi’s lyrics there is an unstopping movement, a sense of nature and worldliness, and within all that momentum there is also a lot of room for intimacy” Ben Shalev, Haaretz (Israel)


“A beautiful discovery” Iggy magazine


“A wonder of minimalistic folk. The single “Rafsoda” could easily be our song of the year” Columbus (israel)


“Beautiful and surprising” Guy Tene, Raash Lavan (Israel)


“Kama’s clear voice, her beautiful lyrics and gentle guitar picking - all is just so pleasant and charming” Hadei Ozen (Israel)


“It’s entrancing to listen to, every moment holds you captive in a totally compelling manner. Not a moment is wasted, and this release in its entirety highlights wonderfully the purity and power of the writing and performance, of the skill and expression of the artist. An absolute must for the year ahead, a simple yet stunning song, presenting some incredibly refreshing and eye-opening ideas.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman


“Kama Vardi is an absolute dream to listen to” Rose Smith, Twenty-two Twenty-eight


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